de Boerderij

de Boerderij

Vacanze Ideali and Tenuta Badia is a structure of " Houses and apartments for holidays " with over 10 hectares of land available located in Paciano ( recognized by the European Community as " ideal village " and a pioneer of the club of " ONE†OF THE†MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES OF ITALY "), which started its operations in 1992 initially recovering an old farmhouse and later its outbuildings.
From the second half of the 900 the main building ( now VACANZE IDEALI) was used as a residence of the Family Balestro ( Anselmo , Umberto and Pietro ) in the area that today covers accommodation " IL PADRONE " and " TIL CONTADINO " . To keep the memory intact , the other apartments on the ground floor " LA CANTINA ", " IL FIENILE ", " LA STALLA " would keep the name of the original use of the time.
The restructuring was designed to maintain the characteristics of the buildings of the past, with thick load-bearing walls and the stone facades , roofs with antique tiles . Internments some rooms have high ceilings , some have wooden beamed ceilings and terracotta tiles, others vaulted steel and brick. The floors are all made of brick.
At 3 years old, in 1995 was made the first pool ( 6.00 x 12.00 m ) solarium and services in the basement.

Was born in 1999 Tenuta Badia '99 srl, a company specialized in agricultural crops of cereals ( wheat, corn, sunflower) and production of oil, wine and products from the vegetable garden , which is also responsible for administering the old structures that will be retrieved shortly thereafter to completion and integration of the accommodation.
The first project involved "LA CAPANNA" ("The Shack "), a typical rural structure always present in the farmyard for the storage of the " chaff " , then straw and hay , through the reconstruction of the existing volume with the use of recovered materials such as old bricks, the stones of the base and the wooden beams to keep alive " memory " and the original design.
At the same time it was realized the second pool , bean-shaped (m. 5.50 x 11.00 )
In 2002 the second project involved "Le Casette " , by rebuilding from scratch the " pigsty " and stables of rabbits and chickens. While maintaining the volume and the perimeter , the building is characterized by the use of face brick / views and classic tegolcoppo roof and ceilings with wooden beams and terracotta tiles .
The accommodations made are " L'Etrusco ", " Il Perugino " and " Ex Pacciano ."
In 2005 The third and final project represents the completion of the general plan of recovery of all outbuildings on the farm adjoining the concerns originally intended to remittance agricultural machinery and warehouse from which there are 3 rooms , 1 bedroom and a room common in the service of swimming pools.
" The names of the rooms enhance the view of Lake Trasimeno in the background with its islands , and recall the names of mythology ( Agilla and Trasimeno) .
The brick face view , that most of all it integrates with the colors of the surrounding area is the material used for the facades .

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